For the first time in The Cross Trust history,  a meeting of the trustees was held remotely by video link on 24th June.

The Trustees received a total of 56 applications for new applicants, previous applicants and renewals. The Trustees made Awards to 23 Individuals in total, ranging from £500 to £2000.

The next Trustees' meeting will take place on the 3rd September 2020 when the Trustees will consider applications for University or College Awards, Projects or Studies Awards. 

If you wish your application to be considered at the next meeting, then you need to complete your application by 20 August 2020. Before you apply, you should read our Guidance Notes carefully. 

Please be aware that The Cross Trust is only able to make awards to candidates who are deserving and are of the highest calibre. With a reduction in income from the trust's investments the Trustees regretfully will not be able to help organisations for the foreseeable future and sadly will not be able to be as generous as they would wish to individuals. 

Applications can be made electronically here